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Transform your space with Vinyl Plank Flooring, or luxury vinyl plank, known for its 100% waterproof feature and remarkable durability, perfect for busy households. Our cost-effective solution not only provides a stunning resemblance to real hardwood but also ensures longevity, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Plus, we specialize in installing Vinyl Flooring in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, bringing quality and style to your floors.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Jacksonville


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See the benefits of VINYL PLANK FLOORING​


Say goodbye to worrying about spills – our 100% waterproof design makes cleanup a breeze, giving you one less thing to stress about.


Good for the planet, safe for your family. Our flooring is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and formaldehyde-free, ensuring the well-being of everyone at home.


Our floors are tough enough to withstand pet claws, reducing the risk of scratches and keeping your space looking great.

Flame retardant

Don't worry if something accidentally burns on it, like a cigarette butt – our floors won't be bothered and will stay looking good as new.

Wear Resistant

Even after several years of use, our floors hold up remarkably well and resist scratches, maintaining their quality and appearance over time.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your floors clean is a breeze – perfect for homes with lots of activity and on-the-go lifestyles.



Installation of Flooring in Jacksonville and the Surrounding Areas​



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WHY CHOOSE Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Extremely Durable

Designed to resist scratches, dents, scuffs, and stains, making it the ideal choice for homes with kids, pets, and high traffic areas.

100% Waterproof

Our flooring is made entirely of vinyl, so you won’t have to worry about liquids seeping through or being affected by everyday moisture.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

No worries about spills sinking in – they stay on the surface, making cleanup a breeze. All you need for maintenance is a regular sweep and mop

Vinyl Plank Flooring Has It All

Transform your home with vinyl plank flooring – the perfect fit for lively households. Get the charming look of wood without the hefty price tag. It’s tough enough to handle pet claws, kids’ play, shoes, and furniture without a scratch. So authentic that even experts can’t tell it apart from real wood, giving you style without breaking the bank and saving you thousands.

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We serve in your home and for your businesses of all sizes, from corporate and healthcare facilities to small businesses and property management groups.

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VINYL FLOORING Discover the Advantage

Embark on a journey of luxury with our Vinyl Flooring Installation services. Discover the sophistication of Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring – a contemporary twist on traditional vinyl. With the appearance of hardwood, LVP is a game-changer celebrated for its durability, water-resistance, and easy upkeep. Its robust wear layer and high-density core ensure enduring beauty amidst daily use.

Delve into a diverse range of styles and colors that mirror the allure of natural surfaces at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the aesthetics of materials like hardwood and stone while relishing in the resilience of vinyl. Our efficient vinyl flooring installation, available for both floating and glued-down methods, guarantees a flawless, enduring finish.

LVP’s affordability in comparison to hardwood makes it a standout choice. With over six decades of expertise, My Flooring Solution streamlines the purchasing process. Our professionals bring samples directly to your home, taking into account your unique environment. We handle measurements, furniture, and ensure precise installation, providing a comprehensive service for your convenience.

Choose My Flooring Solution for a seamless experience, impeccable installation, and unparalleled customer service. Dive into the world of vinyl flooring with us and experience the difference today. Request Your Free Estimate Here